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What is GameThem about And Pradeep Kumar

Hi, my name is Pradeep Kumar, and this is our blog “GameThem” ā€“ a part of the Slashsquare network. Iā€™m the CEO and Founder of Slashsquare. If I can recollect the very first moment in my life when I started playing games, more than being curious or excited, I was honestly scared, the technology which I held in my hand scared me. Because it’s too good to be real. It’s too awesome to be real. From that very moment to this moment, right now, in our life, we have upscaled everything possible visually and technologically. Gaming helped me a lot to deviate from reality. I and my friends used to wait in a queue to play video games. The game I enjoyed the most in my childhood would be “Fighting Force.” I would have spent a lot of time on this… and a lot of money as well. They used to charge some money per hour. During early school days, we used to save money just for this.

Things have changed a lot. We have our mobile phones. We have the technology to play with our friends online. Either you can team up or fight each other. Things have changed a lot. Is gaming an addiction? Well, just like I said it was scary, it’s addictive as well. But, it can be controlled and it can be useful as well. Gaming is a stress-buster for me. It’s a world filled with knowledge for me. It’s a world that always and always motivates me. GameThem is a platform where we all want to share our love for gaming. It doesn’t matter if it’s related to Android, iOS, PC, PS, Xbox, VR, etc. We love to talk about them and discuss. With your support and feedback, we’ll publish informative gaming content consistently. Thanking all our content writers and members who contributed their best for making our brand much stronger. You can always contact me if you have any queries about our work and/or our blog.

With Love,

Pradeep Kumar.