Aunt May | Uncle Ben | Jefferson Davis Grave Location [Map]

If you have been following Spider-Man (Peter Parker and Miles Morales), you should know about these three significant characters – Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Jefferson Davis. They are no more now. But their impact stays with the game forever. Ben Parker and May Parker – uncle and aunt of Peter Parker, more like a father and mother figure. Jefferson Davis – father of Miles Morales. If you like to visit their graves in Spider-Man 2, then in this article, we’ll share the map location for them.

Harlem District Spider Man 2 GraveyardPin

Both of them are in the same graveyard location, almost nearby. Go to the Harlem district – like the northmost side. If you have covered that area already, you can fast-travel or manually swing by. Once you go there (the location in the map), explore a bit, especially near the water area and you’ll see white flashing circles on some graves. If you go near them, you will find icons to engage. You’ll have some short cutscenes and a trophy (You Know What To Do Trophy) when you visit Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s grave as Peter Parker. You can see the screenshots below to see how their graves look.

1. Aunt May and Uncle Ben

Aunt May And Uncle Ben Spider Man 2 Location MapPin

2. Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis Spider Man 2 Location MapPin

Let us know if you have any troubles finding the exact spots. Happy gaming!

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