How To Unlock Spider-Man 2 “Suits” Tab – Explained!

We finally get to play PlayStation + Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and regardless of whether you have pre-ordered or got the digital deluxe edition, we all want to upgrade/change our hero(s)’s costumes, aka suits. The “Suits” tab won’t be unlocked initially; we must undergo some casual intro fights and steps before that.

Unlock Spider-Man 2 “Suits” Tab!

1. At first, there will be a fight scene with Sandman (Flint Marko), and once the fight ends, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will do some city cleanups. You will help some civilians stuck in the aftermath sand all over the place. And you will also fight some gangs stealing guns.

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2. After that, you will get a small main mission called “Suit is Sandy” in Downtown Queens and Spider-Man saying, “My suit is sandy in all the wrong places.” You’ll be headed to a rooftop where you’ll see a bag lying around with Spider-Man costumes. After you engage with that, you’ll have the “Suits” tab unlocked.

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3. This is where we can dress up our favourite superheroes with our favourite suits. If you have pre-ordered this game or the digital deluxe version, you’ll have some early suits here.

How to Unlock Spider Man 2 Suits TabPin

You can check this article for all the suits you’ll get in a Digital Deluxe Edition. Let me know if you have any queries regarding this. Happy gaming!

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