How To Solve Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle (Spider-Man 2)

Spider-Man puzzles are always fun, sometimes a bit geeky. During “Healing The World” main mission in Spider-Man 2, we’ll come across this Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle. Initially, you’ll visit the Emily-May Foundation and roam around. You’ll interact with a few machines and places, like the Koi Fish Pond. After that, you’ll meet Dr. Foster, and he’ll talk about his work at the foundation.

Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle Solution

How To Solve The Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle In Spider Man 2Pin

Then he’ll ask you if you want to see the testbed; that’s when the plant puzzle starts. To be honest, this isn’t a highly complex puzzle, and you’ll also have the option to skip this. But if you still want to complete this puzzle, you can give it a try. There will be a total of 3 puzzle stages with Hexes.

You have to move all the Hexes from the bottom of the screen into the above slots. All the Hexes will have different types of rods on each side, and you have to align them properly to connect with the same type and number of rods. After you complete each puzzle, they’ll analyze and share that it is successful. Trial and error is the best way to try this, but if you want direct solutions, we have shared the screenshots we took below:

1. Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle 1 (Solution)

Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle Solution 1Pin

2. Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle 2 (Solution)

Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle Solution 2Pin

3. Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle 3 (Solution)

Hybrid Calibration Plant Puzzle Solution 3Pin

The first two puzzles are simple alignments, but the 3rd puzzle requires a bit extra step. It should include at least one leaf, sun, and water droplet. That’s all. After completing the final puzzle, Dr. Foster will congratulate you for your work. Let us know in the comments if you have any difficulties doing this puzzle. Happy gaming and solving!

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