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We finally launched our GameThem [BLOG] and it gives us a great opportunity to write about what we love about gaming and what we learned from gaming. I have been playing games right from my childhood, but due to my poor academic performance, I had to stop all that and focus on my studies. I literally started “GameThem” back in those days itself. After that, mobile games became so popular and we started to experience a lot of random awesome games.

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In the past few years, after I got my first PlayStation (PS4), I decided I should play all the good games out there. I made a list and I completed it. Of course, not in a hurry, but I enjoyed each and every moment. With the help of our content writers, we’ll add more informative articles and reviews here. With your support and feedback, we’ll update the blog consistently and provide valuable content. We want to talk about all the possible video game formats out there, we want to talk about mobile games, console games, VR games, and even arcade games.

We shared some more information on our About page as well. GameThem is a part of the Slashsquare network founded and managed by Pradeep Kumar. You can always contact us for learning or sharing anything related to our work.

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